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Large Digital Copies


This machine is ideal for making fast, accurate and high quality prints at blueline prices. It is also ideal for “BID” set distributions.

Originals can be old blueprints, bluelines, sepia vellum, vellum, mylar or almost anything else. The sizes can range from 8½ x 11 to 36″ by any reasonable length.

Prints can be enlarged, reduced or 1:1 produced onto bond, vellum, matte mylar, clean mylar, heavy presentation bond (ideal for revision sets) and fluorescence heavy poster bond paper.

Small Copies

We have a variety of 8½ x 11 to 11 x 17 mid range and high volume machines to take care of any size copy job. Even those tough manuals in 3″-4″ binders with bluelines in pockets 11 x 17 fold outs mixed in with 8½ x 11 custom tabbed sections are not problem.

For litigation, copying file cabinets full of different sizes of papers can be done efficiently on or off-site. Just call us for a quote on your next complex job. No job is too large or too small for us.

We can also receive computer files in various formats through the Internet. If your desire is to have your manuals or other originals converted to computer files we provide this service as well. Call us for details and quotes for your next job.


With these plotter’s speed, quality and accuracy we can meet almost any deadline you give us. Whether it’s one plot or 100 plots you will be impressed with the approximate 900 – 24×36 sheet output per hour per printer.

Most jobs that are received by noon, Pacific Standard Time, will be ready for distribution by noon the next business day.

We can work with most types of files, but to minimize error in line widths, shading, sealing, fonts, etc. we recommend using our free, simple and user friendly remote access software to send us your files. If this is a problem don’t worry about it. We have AutoCAD trained technicians to work with almost any CAD file. We also have thousands of fonts to choose from however; it would be very useful for you to send us an HPGL2/PLT file if you do not use our software.

We can plot on bond, vellum, presentation bond, matte mylar, clear mylar and a host of specialty products.

Mounting & Laminating

With our various mounting & laminating machines we can handle almost any type or original you provide. It doesn’t matter if your originals are “inkjet”, “thermal”, “electrostatic” or anything else, we can handle it. The size of the original is not a problem either. We can mount and laminate as small as business cards and all the way up to large 36″ wide by any reasonable length.

We can take care of your needs if you have one original or thousands of originals. Just give us a call, email us or write us for a quote on your next project.

We mount on most substrates from matte boards and foam boards to plastics and sheet metals. Most substrates can be ordered from 1/16″ to 1″ in thickness and as large as 36″ x 120″.

Graphics & Posters

We do provide some limited graphics design services, however, our main line of business is to support the marketing and sales departments or the graphic artists by printing pre-designed flyers, posters or exhibit panels in color or shades of gray. Our printer sizes range from 8½ x 11 to 36″ by any reasonable length. We print on various substrates such as colored bond paper, mylar (for backlit lights), heavy weight papers and much, much more.

We can receive your computer files via email, FTP, zip drive, CD-ROM or a 3.5″ floppy in a variety of file formats.

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