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DI’s Bid Room PlanSmart is an Internet enabled plan room that encompasses ease of use, flexible access, automated order entry, and a technology based distribution system. All bids, orders, deliveries, distributed information, revisions and addenda are tracked and documented for instant reporting. PlanSmart manages the bid process from start to finish allowing you to save time and money. PlanSmart creates a professional bid environment that makes it easy for bidders to view and order prints. Orders can be viewed, tracked and placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are delivered without interfering with your business.

PlanSmart Offers

• a simplified, streamlined bid process
• a simple 24/7 viewing and ordering website designed to increase bidders
• accountability for drawings, orders and deliveries
• reduced costs and ease of use
• public and/or private plan rooms
• recording and documenting of each and every transaction
• print on demand (saves time and money with no wasted prints)
• a system to easily send notices to bidders: bid openings, times and dates,
update bid opening info, addendums, etc.
• a way to effectively advertise and distribute addendums (with a paper trail)
• a personalized, accurately maintained database of subcontractors

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