Plansmart, On-line instructions:

To all Bidders, this is the link to view plans.

Select “Bid Room”. If you have an existing account go to step 4. If you are here for the first time begin at step 1.

  1.  If this is the first time, select “click here to register”
  2.  Fill in the appropriate information. Once complete, return to your email account.
  3.  Follow the prompt at your email to confirm the account, this is for security. This activates the account.
  4.  Go to/Return to the PlanSmart log in page and enter your email and password.
  5.  Next, Click “log-in”
  6.  If the project is “public” it will be listed below, proceed to step 10.
  7.  If the bid is private, at “projects for bid”, click on “add a private bid project”
  8.  Next box, “bid number” = ____, then “password” = _______
  9.  The job will pop up down below in your “new private bids”
  10.  Once you click on the desired project below, a “project detail” screen appears
  11.  In the left corner, “revision history”, select the set you want to view. (There could be several lines, the bottom is most current)

The plans will be in view at this point. In the upper left corner is a black “disk” icon. Select it and a drop down of all pages appears. The right mouse button gives some additional options, zoom in etc. Make some notes for specific plans needed and close this window to place your order.

To place your order click “order” and fill in the rest of the form.

Please call 916-782-8070 in the Roseville office or 916-782-8070 in Sacramento should there be any questions.

Thank you – Dynamic Imaging Staff