Dynamic Imaging History

Dynamic Imaging has come a long way since its humble beginnings in March of 1980. We first opened our doors in a small 500 square-foot hamburger stand in Long Beach California. We dedicated ourselves to quality and service at a fair price, our key formula for success.

Within six months and in spite of the early 80’s recession, our business had flourished. We needed to add an on-site trailer to triple our workspace.

We had begun to develop a broad client base among architects, engineers, designers, attorneys, oil companies, local governments and school districts. It was obvious that our quality and precision work were much needed and appreciated. We continued to add more equipment, and less than two years later an old Grocery Store across the street became our new home. This expansion positioned us perfectly for the future and sustained growth.

Soon we had merged with another firm, Blueprinting Unlimited, and created an alliance with two south bay companies, Torrance-Gardena Blueprint and Blueprint Service and Supply.

Progressing towards the 21st century, we have continued to ride the crest of a wave of changes within our industry. Traditional “blueprinting”, the “smelly” process of creating mechanical drawings and copying them over and over will soon be replaced by streamlined and efficient electronic/digital information production and reproduction systems.

In November of 1996, Dynamic Imaging joined the digital revolution and stepped into the future. We established our Digital Document Center and opened our doors to breathtaking change. Now we provide superior quality copies. Now plans are printed from files provided or documents are scanned then printed. Electronic distribution and storage was now available.

In 2000 we expanded by opening an office in Sacramento while simultaneously launching our more sophisticated website which made it easier for our customers to send us digital files. To service our customers in the rapidly growing Roseville area, we decided to open a new office there in 2002.

In 2008 Chris Katz purchased the Sacramento and Roseville offices. Chris has been affiliated with Dynamic Imaging since he joined the industry in 1985.

After we launched our website, we have extended our commercial reach far beyond our local areas. We now have a client base that is not only regional, but also national in scope. Dynamic Imaging will not only remain one of the prominent information companies, but will do it efficiently and profitably, offering quality and service at a fair price.

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